Deminor is an independent company controlled by its managing partners. It is therefore completely independent from third parties, external powers or influences.

Aligned interest with the client

Deminor offers transparent and flexible compensation structures and is not afraid of sharing both risks and potential returns with its clients. This way, we try to align Deminor’s interests with those of our clients as much as possible.


Deminor always starts with a thorough analysis of the client’s position. Our strategy and actions are based on the most in-depth and comprehensive review of all the available information.


Deminor focuses on delivering solutions and assesses its own performance based on the achieved results. We are the first to take action in many cases and we do not shy away from challenges.

Corporate social responsibility

Deminor follows the highest ethical standards and values. We refuse to defend positions or interests that are contrary to our own guidelines and principles. We also contribute to many socially oriented projects.