Each of our interventions is tailored to the needs of our clients.

Confidentiality and discretion

Our intervention is of course strictly confidential, discretion being crucial. We use a constructive approach and dialogue to defend the various interests and always try to prevent conflicts or solve them amicably.


A thorough preliminary analysis

Each mission starts with a thorough – both legal and financial – analysis in order to identify the parties’ positions and, if possible, to objectivize them by providing expert advice.


A concrete proposition of strategy

Following this thorough analysis, a strategy and roadmap are suggested, based on the goals and interests of the various parties, in order to reach an amicable solution.


The concrete implementation of the strategy

Deminor then assists the parties with implementing the strategy and the possible solutions. Where needed, Deminor also represents and protects the interests of its clients through external channels or with external parties (auditors, lawyers, notaries, accountants etc.).


Transparent and flexible compensation methods

Deminor offers transparent and flexible compensation structures and is not afraid of sharing both risks and potential returns with its clients through a success fee. This way, we try to align Deminor’s interests with those of our clients as much as possible. Whenever Deminor’s compensation is based on hourly rates, we provide a clear upfront communication and a monthly report of our services.