Our approach

Each of our interventions is tailored to the needs of our clients.

Strictly confidential and discrete interventions

Every intervention of Deminor remains strictly confidential and is based on a constructive approach and dialogue. Deminor always tries to prevent disputes or will do its best efforts to amicably resolve conflicts.

Thorough preliminary analysis

Each mission starts with a thorough analysis, both legally and financially, to map the position of the parties and, where possible, to provide expert advice.

Choosing a strategy

After a thorough analysis, a strategy and roadmap will be proposed, depending on the goals and interests of the various parties to reach a negotiated solution.

Preparing and implementing a strategy

Deminor will assist the parties in developing the strategy, implementing of it, and where appropriate representing the interests of the clients through external channels or with external parties (auditors, lawyers, notaries, accountants, etc.).

Transparent and flexible remuneration methods

Deminor offers transparent and flexible remuneration structures where we can share both risks and potential returns with our clients through a results-based formula (Success Fee). This way, we try to align the interests of Deminor as much as possible to those of the client. In the case Deminor will work based on hourly rates, an engagement letter is signed in advance and monthly reports on the performance are provided, together with a detailed overview of services provided.