Internal organization

Set up of an Advisory Board next to the Board of Directors

Deminor Shareholder & Governance Services is a public limited company (Deminor NV, with company number BE0540666617).

Sole shareholders of Deminor are its three managing directors (Pierre Nothomb, Bernard Thuysbaert and Pierre-Alexis Léonard) and two historical non-active shareholders who are since 2014 exclusively active in the other Deminor Recovery Services division (Erik Bomans and Charles Demoulin).

The Board of Directors of Deminor NV has the following composition:

The Board of Directors meets at least 4 times a year.

In addition to a Board of Directors, Deminor NV has set up an Advisory Board.

An Advisory Board offers great added value as a sounding board for the Board of Directors and for its shareholders, whenever strategic aspects or specific areas need to be dealt with.

Deminor has been working with various external advisors for many years. However, since September 2018, the Board of Directors has now set up a formal Advisory Board consisting of the three managing directors and three experienced and independent entrepreneurs/business leaders, each of whom offers a contribution based on their various expertise, network and experience.

The Advisory Board meets at least twice a year and only deals with strategic or structural issues that are important for the future development of the Shareholder & Governance Services department.

The Advisory Board only has an advisory role, the ultimate power of decision and responsibility for policy remains with the Board of Directors.

Its internal members are three managing directors, Pierre Nothomb, Bernard Thuysbaert and Pierre-Alexis Léonard.

Deminor is particularly pleased and grateful to be able to call on the following three external members of the Advisory Board:

Annick Van Overstraeten - adviesraad Deminor
Mrs Annick Van Overstraeten
De heer Jean-François Cats
Mr Jean-François Cats
Paul Borghgraef - adviesraad Deminor
Mr Paul Borghgraef