Deminor's management and governance


Deminor Shareholder & Governance Services’ (Deminor NV/SA) sole shareholders are its three managing directors (Pierre Nothomb, Bernard Thuysbaert and Pierre-Alexis Léonard) and two historical inactive shareholders who are since 2014 exclusively active in the other division Deminor Recovery Services (Erik Bomans and Charles Demoulin).


Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is composed of:

The Board of Directors meets at least 4 times a year and is responsible for all major strategic decisions, approval of budget and business plan, as well as financial reporting and internal control, risk monitoring, management and team remuneration policies etc. The day-to-day management is handled by the three managing directors, with some management tasks also being assigned to members of the team.


Advisory Board

In addition to the Board of Directors, Deminor NV/SA has set up an Advisory Board, which serves as a sounding board for management, whenever strategic or specific topics need to be discussed and external advice is relevant. The Advisory Board meets at least twice a year and exclusively handles strategic or structural matters of importance for the development of the activities in the future.

The Advisory Board has a strictly consultative role, the ultimate decision-making and responsibility remaining with the Board of Directors.

Our Advisory Board is composed of:

External members:

Internal members:


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