1990: Deminor was founded by Mr. Eric Coppieters and the group Deficom (then Definance), a Belgian listed private equity investor. Launch of the first business in Belgium with regard to listed and privately owned companies.

1991: Pierre Nothomb joined Deminor to become its first full-time managing partner.

1992: Bernard Thuysbaert joined Deminor with a focus on family businesses in Flanders. Deminor started its first operations in France.

1993: Deminor obtained its first major victory on behalf of private and institutional investors in response to the controversial acquisition of the Belgian group Wagon-Lits by the French Accor.

1995: Deminor launched its voting and corporate governance rating activities for a number of European institutional investors.

1997: Deminor launched its first activities in the Netherlands.

2002: Deminor launched its first activities in Italy.

2003: Group Deficom sold its stake in Deminor to the Deminor partners.

2004: Deminor acted for the first time as liaison counsel on behalf of European clients in several US class actions.

2005: Deminor sells its corporate governance activities (voting and rating) to the American leader Institutional Shareholder Services, which in the meantime changed its name to RiskMetrics (MSCI Group).

2006: Launch of Deminor Investment Management, which focuses on highly specialized investment management.

2008: Creation of a new business unit called ‘Deminor Recovery Services’ (DRS) which is dedicated to collective claims for investors. DRS has extended the geographic spread of Deminor to Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Spain, England and more recently to Japan and Portugal.

2013: Internal restructuring within Deminor, allowing the two separately operating business units to operate as two legal entities. The Deminor Recovery Services activities has been incorporated into a new company in Luxembourg, while the Shareholder and Governance activities continued by a new Belgian company ‘NV Deminor’.

2016: Deminor opens the office in Gent.