About Deminor

About Deminor

For 25 years Deminor has been assisting shareholders, directors and managers to create sustainable value. This mission statement implies seeking a balance and alignment between the various interests, increasing transparency between the parties and enhancing the corporate governance.

Deminor Recovery Services (DRS)

DRS Luxembourg SARL and its subsidiaries in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Italy are the European market leader in corporate claims on behalf of investors as well as through trade in distressed financial instruments. Through its subsidiaries, branches and partner firms the DRS group can offer collective actions and services throughout Europe, in the US and in Japan.

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Deminor Shareholder & Governance Services (DSGS)

DSGS focuses primarily on the Belgian market, but also frequently intervenes in the Netherlands, Luxembourg and France.

DSGS is a one-stop-shop niche consultancy firm focused on shareholder interests and corporate governance in both listed and privately-held companies.

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