About Deminor SGS

Why Deminor?

For more than 25 years, Deminor has been assisting shareholders, directors and managers to create sustainable value. This implies seeking a balance between the various interests and increasing transparency between the parties. The aim is to professionalize and improve governance within the company.

For who?

Deminor provides services to a wide and diverse customer base:

Minority shareholders who feel disadvantaged

Inactive shareholders with questions about their position and rights as a shareholder

Professional investors in need of assistance for particular aspects of the management of their stake

Shareholders who want to know the value of their stake and their options to sell it

Directors seeking advice on professionalizing their company or implementing a better governance

Managers and families wishing to set up internal rules about succession, involvement and control within the company

Shareholders or directors who wish to get an external Fairness Opinion on a proposed transaction or on their possible actions

Parties or their advisors (e.g. lawyers, accountants) looking for a mediator in shareholders’ disputes or an expert in corporate governance

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