Webinar: the role of the director in times of crisis

As part of its partnership with GUBERNA (the Institute for Directors), Deminor organised a webinar on “The role of the director in times of crisis” on 26 May 2020.

More than 60 GUBERNA members took part in the webinar, which concluded with a round of questions and answers.

  • Alberto Bagnera, Senior Research Associate at GUBERNA, first recalled 5 of the 12 principles of the Directors’ Charter, which can serve as guidance and inspiration for directors in the current crisis.
  • Bernard Thuysbaert, Managing Partner of Deminor, then gave a concrete illustration of the active director’s “do’s” and “don’ts” and shared his experience as an external director in four SMEs, each facing the Covid-19 crisis in different ways

The slides presented during the webinar can be consulted below. Unfortunately they’re only available in French and Dutch.

To read in French, follow this link.

To read in Dutch, follow this link.

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