Thibaut Claes becomes Executive Partner in Deminor

The partners of Deminor are pleased to announce that Thibaut Claes has become an active partner of Deminor S.A.

Thibaut is a lawyer by education. After 5 years of experience as a lawyer at the Brussels Bar, he joined Deminor as Legal Counsel and then as Project Manager.

For more than 5 years, Deminor’s clients have been able to appreciate his professional skills and human qualities. Thanks to Thibaut’s intervention, Deminor has enabled shareholders, directors and managers to resolve their conflicts and divergent opinions. In addition to his negotiating skills, Thibaut has also developed a great deal of expertise in setting up and drafting family charters and shareholders’ agreements.

Thibaut’s entry into the capital of Deminor reflects the desire of the historical partners to continue the development of its activities around a multidisciplinary and experienced team, close to its clients.

Thibaut also joins the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of Deminor S.A., which will henceforth be composed of the active partners Pierre Nothomb, Pierre-Alexis Léonard and Bernard Thuysbaert, the latter having been appointed CEO on the occasion of this expansion.

For more information on the shareholders, boards and governance of Deminor S.A., please click here.


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