Succession or takeover of a family owned company

Timely anticipating a succession or generation change in a company is a major challenge. Attracting an external manager to run a family business is a decision with a major impact. Choosing the right successor is a difficult exercise, as this could affect the relationships between family members.

Minority shareholding

Deminor stands by your side for the preparation of the annual general meeting or board meetings and protects your interests whenever they would not be taken into account or could be jeopardised.

Minority shareholding assistance

Minority shareholders are regularly left out from operations and decisions by the majority shareholders. Deminor has a consistent experience in assisting minority shareholders in order to get a more favourable bargaining power, to increase transparency and shareholders’ rights and to better manage their participations. Deminor intends not only to achieve a better commitment from all parties but also to increase the frequency at which information is shared.

Sale of a minority stake

Shareholders in unlisted companies are confronted with a very limited liquidity. They also often have a poor dividend yield or ratio.

Deminor can assist shareholders to:

  • Analyse their shareholder position, both from a financial and legal point of view
  • Value their minority stake
  • Strengthen their bargaining power
  • Determine a strategy to optimise their position
  • Negotiate the sale or the purchase of a minority stake
  • Create value by actively managing a minority shareholding

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