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Timely anticipating a succession or generation change in a company is a major challenge. Attracting an external manager to run a family business is a decision with a major impact. Choosing the right successor is a difficult exercise, as this could affect the relationships between family members.

During a succession process, all parties will experience a profound change. Therefore it’s crucial that each of these parties will know in advance what could be their future role and that each of them could be involved in the process.

Deminor is your expert partner whenever you need to deal with such issues.

Family charter or shareholders’ agreement

Arranging a succession or preparing a takeover is a lengthy process that requires a very thorough preparation. In many companies, especially in family businesses, it involves an emotional dimension. To give direction to the whole process, the internal relationships are best defined in the form of a family charter or a shareholders’ agreement, in which the involvement of the shareholders is defined and all players know exactly what the rules are for the future.

In this respect, Deminor can assist you with all the preparatory steps, focusing on the emotional, legal and financial aspects. Deminor can assist you in the full process, from the start until the end.

An additional tool is a family council or family forum. Such forum can strengthen the corporate culture with all shareholders and family members and serve as a communication interface for discussing the main developments of the company.

Deminor can offer concrete solutions, from concept to realization, taking into account the interests of each of the parties concerned.

Information and education

Shareholders who are not active within the company usually have less or sometimes partial and outdated information. To raise the involvement level of these shareholders, they might also need coaching. Deminor can assist shareholders or boards to provide better information channels, to coach non-active shareholders and prepare management reporting to make sure interests are aligned but also shareholders become more involved in the company.

Succession or takeover

When there are no suitable candidates within the existing shareholders for succeeding or taking-over the company, Deminor will assist the shareholders, providing them an objective valuation of the company. Deminor will seek potential buyers and will assist during the transaction from the start of the negotiations until the closing. Deminor can also assist with the search for adequate external financing whenever needed.

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