Start-Ups: aligning ambition and ownership

Start-Ups: aligning ambition and ownership

Start-Ups: aligning ambition and ownership

On May 15, 2019, Deminor organized the workshop “Start-Ups: aligning ambition and ownership” in collaboration with Silversquare coworking spaces.

All start-ups and scale-ups need to raise capital at some point in their lives, which means getting diluted by the arrival of external investors.

However, we observe that start-ups and scale-ups are frequently underprepared to address the question of dilution, which may sooner or later lead to a loss of control for the founders and, ultimately, causing tensions between the founders and the investors.

Based on this finding, Guillaume Dasnoy and Stéphanie Abiraad provided some tips and guidelines to start-ups raising capital in order to help them:

  • determine the right amount of capital to seek;
  • use control-enhancing mechanisms to limit the dilution effect and keep the control over a company;
  • be aware of tricky provisions leading to a delayed dilution.

Feel free to contact Stéphanie Abiraad ( if you have any question.

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Start-Ups: aligning ambition and ownership

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