Session 2: Tips & tricks for successful fundraising

On Thursday 19 May 2022, Deminor organised a debate evening. The Deminor team was pleased to welcome a large attendance that evening at La Grand Poste in Liège.

Sessie 2 – fondsenwerving

The debate, moderated by Pierre-Alexis Léonard, was entirely dedicated to the sometimes difficult relationship between family entrepreneurs and shareholders on the one hand, and financial or industrial investors on the other hand.

Prior to this debate, the Deminor team organized two information sessions during which certain legal and financial aspects related to fundraising were discussed.

With a very practical approach, Johan Luntumbue and Thibaut Claes examined the legal questions that are often asked in the context of opening up capital to a third party investor and the tools that can be used to maximise the chances of success of such an operation.

Sessie 2 – fondsenwerving – collage