Valuation and financial services

Deminor has an experienced team of financial experts providing financial support to shareholders, managers and directors of SMEs, family businesses and listed companies.

Our services within ‘Valuation and financial services’ include in particular:


Objective valuation of your company or participation

An objective valuation of your company or participation not only provides insight into the current company and shareholder value, it offers also an important insight into the main value drivers of the company and the value development over the past few years.

An expert valuation is an important component when taking strategic decisions regarding the management of your shareholder’s position, whether in the context of a family transfer, a shareholder exit, a remuneration policy or a takeover of a participation. A periodic valuation is also part of a good corporate governance policy.

Deminor’s structured approach guarantees you highly professional advice in determining a company’s value, based on the main valuation methods, the Discounted Cash Flow method, the multiples method and the net asset value method.


Financial analysis and reporting

Shareholders and directors need reliable information and the right measuring instruments to make decisions with the required insights. A thorough financial analysis provides you with insight into the most important financial ratios (solvency, liquidity, profitability and added value), the most relevant revenues and costs, the operational and financial cash flow, the composition of the working capital and helps you to identify the most important KPIs.

Financial reporting based on interim or annual figures, includes all relevant financial communications (most important financials, statement of cash flows, KPI’s). It is a transparent report with informative value to shareholders, directors and managers, financial institutions and other stakeholders.

Deminor has a team of dedicated finance professionals who can assist you in formulating a financial analysis and/or financial reporting. Financial communication is part of a good corporate governance policy and can also be crucial when submitting a financing dossier or when evaluating the strategy in the longer term.


Preparation and analysis of a financial plan

A financial plan is an important part of a business plan, a strategic plan in which the objectives and desired development of a company are established and substantiated. A financial plan is the translation of the chosen strategy into specific figures with a projection of the balance sheet and profit and loss account and expected cash flows for the next few years.

Deminor assists you in formulating or assessing a financial plan for your company. A well-founded and realistic financial plan provides you with a clear insight into the expected financial situation of the company. It provides useful guidance for future decisions and is indispensable in negotiations with investors or banks. Deminor also regularly assists shareholders, directors and managers in the assessment of the current business and financial plan in a critical and objective manner.


Objective assessment of a transaction or fairness opinion

Shareholders are faced with transactions that can have a major impact on their position, such as a capital increase with dilution of their interest, a merger or acquisition, a restructuring, a squeeze-out, etc.  Changes in capital structure, composition and operation of the management bodies that are contrary to the usual corporate governance recommendations are also plausible.

With a fairness opinion or second opinion from Deminor, shareholders or directors have an objective and critical assessment of whether the intended transaction or structure change is fair and respects your interests as a shareholder.