Shareholder conflict resolution

Many causes can be the root of conflicts between shareholders in family businesses, SMEs, listed and non-listed companies. The emotions and temper can sometimes rise to such an extent that the continuity of the company is compromised.

In this context, Deminor can help you resolve conflicts between shareholders by mediating, restoring dialogue between parties and implementing sustainable and balanced solutions between the parties.

Our services in the field of “Shareholder conflict resolution” include:


Analysis (strength/weakness) of your position as a (minority) shareholder

The analysis (strength/weakness) of your position as a (minority) shareholder allows you to assess whether your rights as a shareholder have been sufficiently respected in conflict situations and gives you an accurate assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your shareholder position in the conflict, both legally and financially.

Deminor helps you to obtain a more favourable negotiating position, stronger involvement and better management and follow-up of your participation, based on years of experience in assisting minority shareholders. Deminor ensures that you, as a shareholder, are not only involved, but are also informed more regularly and in a future-oriented manner.

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Initiating mediation or negotiation

Initiating mediation or negotiation allows to restore communication between the parties, prevent the escalation of the conflict and mediate, negotiate and actually bring about a lasting solution.

Deminor assists in choosing the right approach and strategy, and may also help in the preparation and follow-up of a formal mediation procedure via an accredited mediator.

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Negotiating an exit

Professional assistance in negotiating an exit allows the parties in the event of an ongoing conflict to split up in a sustainable and balanced way and to guarantee the quality of the final outcome of the negotiations.

Deminor helps you to protect your position as a minority shareholder when negotiating an exit, to optimise your negotiating position and to maximise the value of your participation in the context of a sales agreement.

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Assistance at shareholders’ meetings and at meetings of the Board of Directors

The assistance at shareholders’ meetings and at meetings of the Board of Directors allows you to preserve your interests as a (minority) shareholder and director in conflict situations by making the necessary preparations in advance, coordinating during the meetings and ensuring the necessary follow-up afterwards.

Deminor helps you to organise and professionalise the shareholders’ and board meetings, and assists you at the meetings.

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Drafting of a shareholders’ agreement

The drafting of a shareholders’ agreement allows to put an end to conflicts from the past and to anticipate potential conflicts in the future.  The internal relations and control structures in a company are defined, the involvement of the shareholders is increased and all parties perfectly know the rules for the future.

Non-active shareholders should also have sufficient knowledge of the business to support the company in the long term. In the case of family businesses, internal relations are generally defined in the form of a family charter.

Deminor helps you to consolidate your vision of long-term share ownership by recording agreements in a shareholders’ agreement or family charter.

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