Listed companies

Deminor can rely on its solid experience and expertise in the field of corporate governance and shareholder engagement on behalf of institutional investors in listed companies.

Deminor advises investors or directors of listed companies in terms of corporate governance matters, gives recommendations when shareholder interests are at stake, and intervenes in the context of corporate finance transactions in the capital markets, such as IPOs, capital increases, take-overs, mergers, squeeze-outs or corporate restructuring.

Deminor is also regularly consulted for an external and independent Fairness Opinion or a Second Opinion whenever specific events or transactions occur.

Building on a collaboration with leading institutional investors around the world, Deminor has an extensive experience and expertise in formulating best practice recommendations in the area of corporate governance.

You can contact us for advice or for an external opinion on:

Transactions or events

  • Representation at a shareholders’ meeting (AGM or EGM)
  • Fairness Opinion on the terms of an IPO, takeover bid, capital increase, squeeze-out or restructuring
  • Representing the interests of shareholders and enforcing shareholders’ rights
  • Negotiating better conditions in public or private transactions

Corporate Governance Research and Advice

  • Composition and evaluation of the Board of Directors
  • Corporate governance research and advice
  • Assistance at the general meeting or board of directors
  • Guidance on Investor Relations issues, also at shareholders’ meetings
  • Second Opinion on transactions, shareholders or governance issues

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