Governance and shareholder protection

In order to promote healthy growth in non-listed companies, it is crucial to align the interests of shareholders, governance and management, and to define the authority of the various parties.

Deminor assists you with a thorough analysis, formulation and implementation of recommendations on corporate governance and shareholder protection.

Our services in the area of “Governance and shareholder protection” include:


Implementation of corporate governance

The implementation of corporate governance recommendations, tailored to the company, offers an answer to the following challenges:

  • Instability of the shareholding structure
  • Difficulty in attracting external investors
  • Inadequate balance within the governing bodies
  • Uncertainty about (family) succession or transfer
  • Tense relations within the various bodies of the company
  • Insufficient involvement of all shareholders

Deminor helps you to professionalise the meetings of your board of directors and to choose the appropriate structure and division of tasks, which is a necessity for a growing company or family business. A strong corporate governance policy provides a clear framework and structure for achieving a good, efficient and responsible policy.


Analysis of your position as a (minority) shareholder

The analysis of your position as a (minority) shareholder allows to assess if your rights as a shareholder are sufficiently guaranteed and to assess the strengths and weaknesses, both legal and financial, of the current shareholder position.

Deminor helps you to obtain a more favourable negotiating position, stronger involvement and better management and follow-up of your participation, based on years of experience in assisting minority shareholders. Deminor ensures that you, as a shareholder, are not only involved, but are also informed more regularly and in a future-oriented manner.


Drafting of a shareholders’ agreement or family charter

 The drafting of a shareholders’ agreement or family charter allows to define the internal relations and control structures in a company, increase the involvement of the shareholders and ensure all parties are aware of the rules for the future.

Non-active shareholders should also have sufficient knowledge of the business to support the company in the long term. In the case of family businesses, internal relations are generally defined in the form of a family charter.

Deminor helps you to consolidate your vision of long-term share ownership by recording agreements in a shareholders’ agreement or family charter.


Structuring family governance

Structuring family governance in family businesses allows to anticipate several major challenges, such as succession or generational changes within the company.

In a family business, it is not always easy to reconcile the interests at stake. In addition, people often combine different roles with each their own interest, whether or not they are active in the company.

Deminor helps you to align your interests and to balance competences between the different actors by making agreements with all parties and anchoring them in a family charter. That’s how you lay the foundations for a solid family succession.


Assistance at shareholders’ meetings and at meetings of the Board of Directors

Assistance at shareholders’ meetings and at meetings of the Board of Directors allows a smooth progress of the meetings by making the necessary preparations in advance, coordinating during the meetings and ensuring follow-up afterwards.

Deminor helps you to organise and professionalise the shareholders’ and board meetings and assists you at these meetings.