Our services

Governance and protection of shareholder interests

  • Determine the rules in a shareholders’ agreement
  • Implement corporate governance recommendations
  • Assist and prepare the annual general meeting or the board meetings
  • Creating value and enhancing liquidity for shareholders
  • Aligning interests between shareholders, board members and management
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Minority shareholding

  • Give specific recommendations to minority shareholders
  • Analyse your position as a minority shareholder (strengths/weaknesses)
  • Enhance your bargaining power
  • Value the company and the minority stake
  • Negotiate the sale or the purchase of a minority shareholding
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Succession or takeover of a (family-owned) company

  • Prepare the family succession and set up a family charter
  • Assist, educate and prepare family members to run the company
  • Value the company
  • Search for external investors or buyers
  • Negotiate a transaction or take-over from the start until the closing
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Listed companies

  • Board evaluation and assessment of board governance
  • Analyse and improve the position of shareholders
  • Assist shareholders at the annual general meeting or at board meetings
  • Issue a fairness opinion on a particular transaction
  • Provide corporate governance recommendations
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