Pierre-Alexis Léonard becomes Managing Partner in Deminor

Pierre Nothomb and Bernard Thuysbaert are pleased to welcome Pierre-Alexis Léonard as Managing Partner in Deminor. He also joins the board of directors.

After gaining experience as a lawyer for five years at the Nivelles Bar and thereafter at the Brussels Bar, Pierre-Alexis joined Deminor in 2013 as a legal consultant.

The past years Deminor’s clients experienced both the professional and human qualities of Pierre-Alexis, who assisted numerous family and non-family owned businesses with the implementation of a shareholder’s agreement or a family charter, or played a crucial role in solving conflict between shareholders, directors or managers.

Pierre-Alexis’ entry into Deminor’s capital confirms the intention of its current managing partners to ensure the further development of Deminor, more specifically as a leading advisor in corporate governance and the resolution of conflicts between shareholders.

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