MBO (Management Buy-Out) or company acquisition by the executives or manager(s): the approach of Deminor

Deminor guides you through the process of company acquisition by the executives or manager(s) of the company. Deminor has an experienced team of financial and legal experts who will assist you in the acquisition of a company.

Legal aspects

  • Legal structuring of the process
  • Analysis of the statutes and current shareholders agreements
  • Preparation of the acquisition contracts and new shareholders agreements
  • Legal support at all stages of the acquisition process

Financial aspects

  • Review of the business plan
  • Valuation of the company based on the usual valuation methods (DCF, Multiples, Substantial value)
  • Drafting of the financing dossier
  • Assistance and follow-up of the file with the investors (banks, institutional or private investors, etc.)

Our approach

A flexible approach of the process of company acquisition by the executives or manager(s), tailored to your needs:

Step 1 Data collection and analysis of the legal documents and financial data of the company.
Step 2 Drafting of the business plan in consultation with the management. Feasibility study of the acquisition.
Step 3 Drafting of the takeover file and assistance in negotiations with the sellers.
Step 4 Assistance in negotiations with potential investors (banks, etc.).
Step 5 Drafting of the acquisition contracts and completion of the transaction.

Our added value

  • Support by financial and legal experts in the various steps of the acquisition process.
  • Our intervention in the acquisition process allows you to make informed decisions and thus reduce uncertainties and risks.
  • A precise and multidisciplinary approach based on your needs.

Your guarantees

Deminor represents:

  • Total independence and an objective approach.
  • Strict confidentiality.
  • Acknowledged expertise and experience in corporate governance for more than 25 years.
  • Flexibility that enables us to adapt our interventions to any situation.
  • Transparent conditions described in an assignment letter.


  • An hourly rate agreed in advance.
  • The possibility to define an indicative budget for every phase of the assignment.
  • A monthly invoice with a detailed overview of the services.
  • The possibility to determine an indicative budget and/or a variable remuneration (success fee) in order to align your interests with those of Deminor.


Our references

In respect of the confidential nature of the files, references are only available on request.

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