Launch of dups (deminor for startups)

Deminor is proud to announce the launch of dups, a 3-in-1 integrated service aimed at helping startup founders raise capital with better financial and legal terms, on a 'no success no pay' basis!



dups offers startups “triple play” assistance when they raise funds: financial, legal and corporate governance advice, all in one. This fully integrated service is unique and allows dups to help startups define the value of their company, make their business plan stronger, and assess a deal from financial, legal and corporate governance perspectives. The team also negotiates alongside founders and closes the deal, drafting all legal documents. All of this with a variable fee so that their goals are fully aligned with their clients. It means that if the fundraising is not successful, they do not charge anything!



Many of the startups among our clients are underprepared to tackle their fundraising. Whether their business plan appears too optimistic, their valuation unrealistic, or their corporate governance is not quite right… It ends up affecting their credibility or even the attractiveness of their project.

The idea for dups arose from this insight and our wish to help startup founders better prepare, negotiate and raise funds from investors, in order to enhance their chances of a successful partnership.


We would love to get your feedback on the launch of dups:

  • Check dups’ brand new website
  • Meet the dedicated dynamic team behind this project
  • Try dups’ free online calculator which enables startups to estimate the value of their company, and helps them to negotiate better – it only takes 5 minutes!



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