Governance and protection of shareholder interests

To foster growth in unlisted companies, it is crucial to align the interests of shareholders, board of directors and management and clearly define the roles and powers of each of these corporate bodies.

In that context, Deminor can help you analyse your governance structure and make recommendations for changes and improvements. Deminor may further assist you in implementing the recommendations, also resulting in conceiving and finalising a shareholders’ agreement.

Corporate governance

The implementation of corporate governance recommendations, which are tailor-made for each company, allows to address many challenges such as:

  • instability of the shareholding structure
  • difficulty to attract external investors
  • search for a balance between management bodies
  • insecurity arising from succession or tensed relationships amongst all concerned parties, especially in a family-owned business

Deminor can help you in your search for an appropriate balance between property, supervision and management.


Shareholders’ agreement and family charter

Drafting a shareholders’ agreement that meets all parties’ expectations usually requires many preliminary conversations and a vast amount of time and efforts.

The best way to define the internal relationships and the appropriate management structure is a shareholders’ agreement, which increases shareholders commitment and clearly sets out the rules of the game for the future. In this context, Deminor can help you by analysing the current situation and can make recommendations. Deminor may further assist you in implementing the recommendations and in drafting and finalizing a shareholders’ agreement.

Such agreement can enhance the liquidity of unlisted shares by setting up and organising a micro-liquidity mechanism.

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