Fundraising & rules of the game

On Thursday 15 December 2022, Deminor and dups organised a debate evening. The team was delighted to welcome many guests to the Ghelamco Arena in Ghent that evening for the information sessions and the debate

The debate moderated by Jan Baptist Cooreman was entirely dedicated to the sometimes difficult relationship between entrepreneurs and managers on the one hand and private equity or professional investors on the other.

Debatavond Ghelamco – 4

Before the debate, two information sessions were organised.

Lien Verhasselt and Jan Baptist Cooreman talked about fundraising: when we think of financing, we first think of a loan from the bank. However, there are many other ways for an entrepreneur to obtain funds. This session took a closer look at the current financial landscape and the different sources available. What is the best approach to seeking finance and what arrangements do you prefer to have on paper or not?

Fundraising collage – 1
Fundraising collage – 2