Assessment of your board of directors

As an expert in corporate governance, Deminor has developed a proven expertise and a simple method to use the assessment of your board of directors as a tool for real improvement.


Deminor offers an analysis at 3 levels:

Evaluation of individuals

  • Composition
  • Profiles
  • Committees
  • Contribution and time use
  • Renumeration

Evaluation of internal operation

  • Information
  • Trust and cooperation
  • Division of duties and powers
  • Role of the Chairman
  • Frequency

Evaluation of external functioning

  • Relationships with other stakeholders (management, shareholders, employees, etc.)
  • Reporting and accountability

Our approach

A structured approach to a tailor-made service in the assessment of your board of directors:

Step 1 Meeting with the Chairman of the Board of Directors and adapting our model of questionnaire to your company.
Step 2 Sending the questionnaire to the members of the Board of Directors.
Step 3 Individual answers to the questions by each director (preferably anonymously via Deminor).
Step 4 Processing of the answers, presentation of the results to the Board of Directors with conclusions and recommendations by Deminor.
Step 5 Where appropriate, follow-up and guidance in the implementation of the concrete recommendations.

Your guarantees

  • Total independence and an objective approach.
  • Strict confidentiality.
  • Acknowledged expertise and experience in governance and relations between shareholders, management and directors.
  • Flexibility that allows us to adapt our interventions to each situation.
  • Transparent conditions described in an assignment letter.


  • An hourly rate agreed in advance.
  • The possibility to determine a fixed budget per meeting or on an annual basis
  • A monthly invoice with a detailed overview of the services.

Our references

In respect of the confidential nature of our files, references are only available on request.

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