Drafting of a shareholders’ agreement

Deminor helps shareholders to secure their position and ensure the continuity of the company by recording the necessary agreements in a shareholders’ agreement.

A shareholders’ agreement is a contract between the shareholders of a company in which specific agreements about a number of important matters can be mutually established, in order to prevent conflicts and ambiguities. These agreements are completely confidential and focused on the specific context of the company, contrary to the law and the articles of association of the company.

A shareholders’ agreement defines the internal relations and control structures in the company, increasing the involvement of the shareholders and giving all parties a clear understanding of the rules of the game for the future.

Here, non-active shareholders must also have sufficient knowledge to support the company in the long term. In family businesses, the internal relationships are usually defined in the form of a family charter.

A shareholders’ agreement can be concluded around the most diverse subjects. Common themes in shareholder agreements are the transfer of shares, the distribution of profits, the organisation of the board and the handling of conflicts. A checklist of frequently asked questions on these topics can serve as a starting point:

Our approach

Deminor guides you from A to Z through the complete process of establishing a shareholders’ agreement:

Step 1 Thorough analysis and overview of the existing structure and bodies, the written and oral agreements and the customs within the company
Step 2 Preparation of a questionnaire and topics to be discussed
Step 3 Individual and/or collective consultations with shareholders
Step 4 Reaching consensus on the issues at stake
Step 5 Drafting and signing of the shareholders' agreement

Our clients

  • Shareholders who want to have long-term certainty about the ownership and management of the company.
  • Executive managers and directors who strive for good relations and communication with shareholders.
  • Lawyers, accountants or consultants looking for an expert in drafting shareholders’ agreements.

Your guarantees

Deminor represents:

  • Total independence and an objective approach.
  • Strict confidentiality.
  • Acknowledged expertise and experience in corporate governance for more than 25 years.
  • Flexibility that allows us to adapt our interventions to each situation.
  • Transparent conditions described in an assignment letter.


  • An hourly rate agreed in advance.
  • The possibility to define an indicative budget for every phase of the assignment.
  • A monthly invoice with a detailed overview of the services.

Our references

In respect of the confidential nature of the files, references are only available on request.

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