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Our Focus sheets cover in a few words everything you need to know about 10 topics at the heart of the company law reform.

From the new profit distribution regime to the reshaping of the SPRL/BVBA, the abolition of the SCA/CommVA and the capping of directors’ liability, you will know everything about the new Belgian Code of Companies and Associations.

For any questions or further information on any of these topics, please do not hesitate to contact the author of the relevant paper.

  1. The buyback of own shares
  2. The transitional regime
  3. The abolition of the CommVA/SCA
  4. Shareholder agreements and the impact of the CCA
  5. The Cooperative Company in the new CCA
  6. The new directors’ liability regime
  7. Withdrawal and exclusion at the expense of the company’s assets in the BV/SRL
  8. Contribution of capital and issue of shares in the BV/SRL
  9. Corporate director: what’s changing for you as a result of the CCA?
  10.  The new profit distribution regime in the CCA: what changes within NV/SA and BV/SRL?