Download our Covid-19 First Aid Kit for free

Deminor at your side during the coronavirus crisis with the Covid-19 First Aid Kit

Deminor assists managers, directors and shareholders to meet the challenges of this unprecedented crisis and provides answers to the following questions with the Covid-19 First Aid Kit:

  • What should business leaders do in these exceptional circumstances? What do they tell their shareholders?
  • How do you ensure proper preparation and practically organize the company’s governing body in the current context?
  • What do you need to know and what can you say to the shareholders about the impact of the crisis?
  • Can you postpone the statutory shareholders’ meeting or can you remotely call it electronically?
  • What to do if the annual accounts have already been closed on 31 December 2019 and the amount of dividends has already been determined? Can you still cancel the dividend? How do you ensure transparent communication with shareholders, which is indispensable in times of crisis?
  • How do you organize an electronic shareholders’ meeting practically and technically?

Deminor guides you from A to Z

Deminor offers 4 professional services, fully adapted to the current crisis context:

  1. Financial support: Analysis of the impact of the crisis, cash flow planning and risk analysis
  2. Legal support: Compliance with the articles of association and legal provisions when convening or postponing general meetings
  3. Technical solutions: Practical organization of electronic shareholders’ meetings including anonymous remote voting
  4. Secretariat: Preparation of legal documentation, minutes, completion of formalities

Download our Covid-19 First Aid Kit for free

Download our Covid-19 First Aid Kit for free using the form below:

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