Deminor invites – ‘Advisory board or active board of directors: to go or not to go?’


Debatenight, followed by a pleasant networking event the 3rd of june 2015, with as main theme the dos and don’ts of an advisory board or active board of directors within SME’s. The event was a collaboration of Deminor, KBC and Stella P.


A presentation of Bernard Thuysbaert (Deminor), Wim Leemen (KBC) en Conny Vandendriessche (Stella P.) who have, with respect to their respective backgrounds, shared their insights on the functioning and advantages of advisory boards and boards of directors.

The presentations were followed by a lively debate with five entrepreneurs who have shared their positive and negative experiences on the subject:

  • Lieve Verplancke, Managing director Qaly@Beersel and director of Quest for growth
  • Bénédicte Schietse, Managing director Schietse NV
  • Thijs Claes, CEO Claes-Roels / The Factory Brussels
  • Bruno de Cartier, Managing Director Corelio, director Mediahuis
  • Johan Symoens, CEO Derbigum Group

It was very interesting to learn how each of these experienced entrepreneurs fill in the functioning and collaboration with an advisory board or board of directors. The debaters strengthened our beliefs that this is a very relevant subject for companies who wish to improve their management structures.

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