Deminor has received an assignment of minority shareholders of SPADEL

Deminor has received an assignment of minority shareholders of Spadel who ask questions about the terms and conditions of the public buyout offer launched by Finances et Industries NV (“F&I”).

F&I is controlled by Mr. Marc du Bois, CEO of Spadel, who already owns 90.84% of Spadel. The offer price is 95 EUR per share and applies to all Spadel shares F&I doesn’t yet own. It is the intention of F&I to acquire at least 95% of the shares of Spadel, in order to launch a squeeze-out or request the delisting of Spadel.

Minority shareholders of Spadel have asked Deminor to evaluate the merits of the intended offer price, on the basis of available information.

Deminor has already contacted the President of the FSMA, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Spadel (Mr. Johnny Thijs) and the bidder F&I, to notify its intervention.

All interested shareholders can sign up at Deminor by sending an e-mail to and give a formal mandate to represent their participation in Spadel.

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