Analysis of your position as a minority shareholder in a listed company

An analysis of your position as a minority shareholder allows you to assess whether your rights as a shareholder are sufficiently safeguarded, even in the specific environment of a listed company.

Deminor has a team of financial and legal experts who can give you a clear view on your position as a minority shareholder.

Potential Problems

  • Lack of information
  • Lack of liquidity
  • IPO, takeover bid, capital increase, squeeze-out or reorganisation
  • Amendment of the rights of the shareholder

Offered solutions

  • Questioning and representation at a shareholders’ meeting
  • Dialogue with the board and management
  • Defending the interests of shareholders and enforcing shareholders’ rights
  • Negotiating better conditions in public or private transactions

Our method

Step 1 Data collection and critical analysis of your position as a minority shareholder
Step 2 Review of the analysis, both from a legal and a financial point of view
Step 3 Explanation of the recommendations to strengthen your position as a minority shareholder
Step 4 (optional) Assistance in negotiations to strengthen your position as a minority shareholder, possibly by clustering minority shareholders.

Our clients

  • Shareholders, investors or entrepreneurs in the position of minority shareholder.
  • Executive managers and directors of listed companies who value a balanced and stable shareholder structure.
  • Lawyers, accountants or consultants looking for quality analysis of the shareholder position of their clients.

Your guarantees

Deminor represents:

  • Total independence and an objective approach.
  • Strict confidentiality.
  • Acknowledged expertise and experience in corporate governance for more than 25 years.
  • Flexibility that allows us to adapt our interventions to each situation.
  • Transparent conditions described in an assignment letter.


  • An hourly rate agreed in advance.
  • The possibility to define an indicative budget for every phase of the assignment.
  • A monthly invoice with a detailed overview of the services.

Our references

In respect of the confidential nature of our files, references are only available on request.

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