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A shareholders’ agreement: what, why and how to get started?

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Creating value for shareholders. Empowering your shares. Enhancing your governance.

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The family charter: a guiding tool for your family business

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“I love it when a plan comes together”: the importance of a financial plan for your company

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Shareholder conflict resolution

  • We assist you in shareholder conflicts, as a mediator or as an expert, until a settlement is reached. Our clients are shareholders in SME’s, family owned businesses, listed and non-listed companies.
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Governance and shareholder protection

  • We assist you with improving governance, drafting shareholders agreements or family charters and developing succession plans. We advise and assist you in shareholders’ and board meetings.
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Valuation and financial services

  • We assist you in establishing an objective valuation, a business plan or preparing financial reports. We assist and advise you with the acquisition or sale of your (minority) stake.
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